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RGB PROVENCE was born from a common passion and love for the Rosé de Provence.

Our goal is to showcase “small” “artisanal” producers. We aim to bring their knowledge to the forefront, along with the science and the art of Rosé de Provence winemaking.

As opposed to the mass production and mass distribution of certain houses, we believe in the artistry and virtues that generations of winemakers have passed on. We also believe that quality, not quantity, shall be the end result, and we are passionate about our quest.


In 241 BC, a Roman road called VIA AURELIA (the Aurelian way) was built connecting Rome to Spain (Cadiz). This road travelled thru beautiful Provence and passed by Fréjus. Fréjus is a Roman town located on the edge of Provence in the Riviera with a Roman harbor, a Roman aqueduct, an arena and many other artifacts that still stand today. Caravans would stop in Fréjus and collect Rosé wine. Rosé wine has been found in amphoras (Roman jars) in the town and harbor.

The earth of Provence has produced wine for between 2600 and 3000 years. The same varietals have been used throughout this time.

We are striving to be a small link in this long and old chain. Our goal is to bring these amazing wines to the United States and share the passion and knowledge that 25 centuries of wine making have produced.




Directed by Christian PELEPOL, a fourth generation winemaker who continues the family legacy.

To do so, he relies on the notoriety acquired by his grandfather and father and the 38 years of winemaking experience and daily work. His art and skills are geared towards optimization of the quality of the wines he produces in his 100 acre vineyard.


Our expertise can be described as “our passion for this unique terroir”.

We want to respect it, tame it, and defend it! We would like to honor the wines and their producers with all the respect given to their environment.

Sometimes the best way to greet and connect with friends is to offer them a seat at your table.

The glass of Rosé you share is merely a vehicle to enhance heartwarming conversations and generosity of spirit.

We want to showcase the best of Provence. Our wines are delicate and bright with layered flavors of fresh red fruit, melon and citrus leading to a crisp and refreshing finish.

Close family friends for years, Patrick and Sylvain share a 40 year passion for Rosé.

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